Two child health filters


This PubMed filter below is an old (unreferenced – please let me know if you know the author/s so I can attribute!) filter and I thought to republish this along with a newer one from WBramer for comparison. Which one would you use in what circumstances and why? The PubMed one includes infants – perhaps a separate one for infants is needed rather than have it included in a child filter?

2006 PubMed filter

children[Text Word] OR “adolescence”[MeSH Terms] OR teenager[Text Word] OR teenagers[All Fields] OR baby[Text Word] OR babies[All Fields] OR “adolescence”[MeSH Terms] OR adolescent[Text Word] OR adolescents[Text Word] OR adolescence[Text Word] OR toddler[All Fields] OR toddlers[All Fields] OR youngster[All Fields] OR youngsters[All Fields] OR “young people”[All Fields] OR offspring[All Fields] OR offsprings[All Fields] OR youth[Text Word] OR youths[Text Word] OR juvenile[All Fields] OR juveniles[All Fields] OR newborn[Text Word] OR newborns[Text Word] OR “infant, newborn”[MeSH “infant”[MeSH Terms] OR infant[Text Word] OR infants[Text Word] OR infantile[All Fields] OR “child”[MeSH Terms] OR child[Text Word] OR neonate[Text Word] OR “infant, newborn”[MeSH Terms] OR neonates[Text Word] OR pediatric[All Fields] OR paediatric[All Fields] OR kid[Text Word] OR kids[All Fields] “pediatrics”[MeSH Terms] OR paediatrics[All Fields] OR pediatrics[All Fields]

Bramer filter (OVID Medline)

child/exp OR adolescent/exp OR pediatrics/exp OR childhood/exp OR child development/exp OR childhood cancer/exp OR pediatric ward/de OR pediatric hospital/de OR adolesc*.tw OR OR OR OR teen*.tw OR boy*.tw OR girl*.tw OR OR underag*.tw OR (under adj1 ag*).tw OR juvenil*.tw OR youth*.tw OR puber*.tw OR pubescen*.tw OR prepubescen*.tw OR prepuber*.tw OR pediatric*.tw OR paediatric*.tw OR school*.tw OR highschool*.tw



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