Conferences of note

I’m on conference strike! International conferences that is. I’ve been travelling to the other side of the world (apart from countries in Asia) every year since 2009. It has gotten a bit wearing. So, I’m on a conference strike (temporary mind you) for a little while.

There are 2 conferences and 1 workshop in Europe that I would attend if I weren’t on strike. One is the ICML+EAHIL conference at Dublin Castle, Ireland. The program looks great – check it out here. Michelle Kraft is one of the keynote speakers. Registration is now open.

The other conference I would’ve attended is the International Clinical Librarians Conference (ICLC). I attended last year when ICLC paired with the MLA annual meeting in Toronto. It was full on but great. The ICLC organisers are lovely people and it is well worth attending. Planning on visiting the UK for a holiday this year? Why not combine it with a conference? Registrations are now open!

I used to be Chair-Elect and then Chair of the HTAi Information Retrieval Group and part of my role was organising and running the annual pre-conference Advanced Searching workshop. I’m on the Executive Committee assisting the current Chair and Chair-elect and one of those roles is to help advertise the workshop. It looks great though, and early bird registration has been extended to the end of March. You don’t have to attend the HTAi conference itself, though some of the program and workshops on Saturday before the IRG workshop look good. The IRG workshop is called Text Analysis Tools And Rapid Reviews: Practical Guidance For Advanced Information Retrieval. Click here for the HTAi 2017 conference website. This year HTAi2017 is in Rome.

So what is the next conference/workshop I’m going to attend that is a flight away? It will probably be Health Libraries Australia annual PD day, to be held in Perth this July. I’ve not been to WA before, so it could be an interesting trip.




2 responses to “Conferences of note

  1. Dear Catherine, I teach English at several universities in Tokyo, the best of which is Tokyo University of Science. I really appreciate your efforts at advancing high standards in scientific publishing, such as by publishing Jeffrey Beall’s now defunct/silenced list of predatory journals. Many people are using publications in such journals to get jobs and promotions here in Japan. In fact, a friend tells me their use is rampant, and I just wish I could do more to discredit phony publishers myself. Btw, I had two large kidney stones removed 3.5 years ago in December of 2013, but unfortunately, only after one of the stones had moved and blocked the blocked the blood flow to my right kidney, which caused it to atrophy to about a fifth of normal size. Nonetheless, I’ve been stone free since, and I believe I can stay that way if I watch my diet and exercise, but I’m 55 and I have severe osteoarthritis in my knees, so I’m not sure how much longer I can keep the exercise up. I really appreciate your blog, and it would be great to get to know you better, but I understand that you can’t respond to everyone personally. I have a wordpress page too, but I really just use it to archive a few publications, so either nobody else knows of it or they are just not interested. I’m from Texas but I lean left politically and economically, but only left of the right wing extremists who’ve been dominating the political discourse in the US for the past few decades – my views were quite in the mainstream just 40 odd years ago. Thank you so much for your commitment to maintaining high standards in science, and also for sharing the story of your kidney transplant. I hope I never need one, but hope springs eternal !! I really prefer communicating by email or by text message on Facebook, or on, but I didn’t find you there. I’ll follow your blog, and my email address is If you had time to drop me a short message, I’d really appreciate it, but I understand completely if you can’t. Thanks again and best wishes for your research – very gratefully yours, Gary Henscheid

    • Hi Gary

      You could try teaming up with the librarians at the institutions you work at and teach a combined class perhaps? Or if there are institution-wide bulletins, put some info in there?


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