Librarians in Film

I was going through some old ALIA Incites (our national association’s magazine) when I came across a mention of the Hollywood Librarian. Oh the excitement! In 2008, librarians of all stripes came together for a movie evening, followed by or preceded by a talk from the director. The Hollywood Librarian examines librarians in film and contrasts these with real life examples.

This wasn’t the only time librarians have got together to watch a film. I remember going to the Capitol Theatre in Melbourne to see Read or Die – a Japanese manga cartoon based on the manga series of the same name. Plans to destroy the world? A superhero who can manipulate paper comes to the rescue!

On the flight to Toronto for MLA16 this past May, I watched another Japanese film about superhero librarians. This one was called Library Wars: The Last Mission. The basic plot of this film is the fight against repression and censorship. The librarians wear military uniforms! Armed battles around and inside a library! I laughed many times during this film – it was really fun. They used a real public library I think, which was really cool.



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  1. I enjoyed treading this Catherine. Awesome!

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