Teaching Evidence Based Medicine – CEBM Oxford

classroom-381900_1280Next week I am going to be doing a short course in Oxford at CEBM called ‘Teaching Evidence Based Medicine’. I’ve just got the timetable today and it is going to be intense! Class starts at 8.30am and finishes at 6.30pm. My husband and I are staying in the centre of Oxford so it will be an early breakfast for me and a 20min walk to St Hughs. I plan to write some posts about what I learn but it looks like I might be pushed for time in the evenings. On Wednesday there is the group dinner at the college which starts at 7.30pm after a faculty Q&A. Perhaps there will be enough time to nip up to the B&B and collect my husband, who knows? We made a reservation at Jamie Oliver’s in Oxford for 7pm (I think) on Tuesday. I’m wondering how I can fit everything in … You can tell I am feeling rushed already! I’ve done the reading bar one editorial and all I have to do now is write out a lesson plan for critical appraisal (I already have one, just have to fix it up a bit). I guess we will be working ons during group study times. However, I’m hoping it will be a worthwhile course. According to the timetable, we will be learning different teaching methods for different aspects of EBM – diagnostics, statistics, SRs, and even searching (which will be interesting as it is a how to teach search methods). I was talking to someone from Cochrane about the course earlier this year and he knew someone who had done it and was impressed. He said it was geared more for clinicians though but that could be a plus as us medical librarians are supposed to be teaching this audience.

It has been all change at work. Not only are we merging with another library, but the Clinicians Health Channel changed resource providers from EBSCOHost to OVID (which I’ve not used much before) last week. We are losing CINAHL. So instead of a quiet time before leaving, I have to grapple with searches using the new interface. Fun times!


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