Donate Life!

DonateLife Week 2015 - Organ and Tissue AuthorityNext week is DonateLife Week and I thought I would draw your attention to it. The reason is mostly personal. You might or might not know that I have a kidney transplant which I’ve had for over 18 years now. There have been lots of stories in the media about transplant recipients and usually they all say ‘it changed my life’. It sounds trite, but it is true. Having a kidney transplant has enabled me to have a a fulfilling full time job, travel and not just that. On a more personal level it has enabled me to have a fulfilling relationship with my husband, has given me the joy in eating and drinking what I like, and it has given me more time to spend doing whatever I like. It has freed me from haemodialysis and has given me independence. Of course, I still have to visit the Renal Transplant clinic at hospital (not the hospital I work – no thanks), take immunosuppressants (on another note – if you work in a hospital, please get an annual flu shot! Being immunocompromised and getting one infection after another isn’t any fun) and have to put up with blood tests and other diagnostics occasionally. But this isn’t a worry for me.

If you have considered becoming an organ donor but haven’t done anything about it yet, please consider signing up during DonateLife Week. I am on the organ donor list (yes, transplant recipients can donate). It would be excellent to help someone if I die accidentally and my organs and corneas are usable. Talk to your loved ones about it and let them know your wishes if you decide to donate. This isn’t for everyone of course but for all the people who have given organs and to all those on the organ donor list, thank you.


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