Health Talks @ Your Library – Update

Last year, I gave an introductory talk about a collabrative health literacy program the RMH Health Services Library initiated with public library systems in our catchment area. The basic outline of this program: ask libraries what health topics are of interest to their communities and then find staff to volunteer time to deliver a talk. This is an update on this program. I am happy to say that the hospital executive have given their support and it is now part of the official partnerships program. The talks this year will be arranged in a less ad hoc fashion. There will be 6 given by staff from the HARP program and the SubAcute Ambulatory Care program on topics around successful aging through to managing chronic disease such as heart failure and diabetes. The talks will be at the branches of one public library system to start with and will possibly expand from there. The health literacy initiative has also expanded to include training public librarians about free health resources they can use in the event of questions from patrons around health, nutrition, exercise, drugs and tests. I was invited to speak at two of the Moreland Libraries staff forums late last year, and it was an excellent opportunity to talk to librarians working with the public about free resources that they may not know of.  The future of this program may also include developing a free educate-as-you-go training resource for public librarians – a very interesting and exciting possibilty that I will keep you all informed of.


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