Monthly Archives: December 2011

PubMed Search Strategies

Share your PubMed search strategies here! Click here to go to the strategy blog. From the website: This blog has been created to share PubMed search strategies. Search strategies posted here are not perfect. They are posted in the hope that others will benefit from the work already put into their creation and/or will offer suggestions for improvements. Librarians who wish to post comments on this blog or who wish to become authors are invited to e-mail me (Cindy Schmidt). I’m not posting my e-mail address here, but it’s easy to find on the web : – ).


AHRQ’s Horizon Scanning Manual

The AHRQ Horizon Scanning System Protocol & Operations Manual is now online. Click here to open the PDF document in a new browser window. From the Preface: “Horizon scanning involves two processes. The first is the identification and monitoring of new and evolving health care interventions that are purported to or may hold potential to diagnose, treat, or otherwise manage a particular condition or to improve care delivery for a variety of conditions. The second is the analysis of the relevant health care context in which these new and evolving interventions exist to understand their potential impact on clinical care, the health care system, patient outcomes, and costs. It is NOT the goal of the AHRQ Healthcare Horizon Scanning System to make predictions on the future utilization and costs of any health care technology. Rather, the reports will help to inform and guide the planning and prioritization of research resources.” This document includes daily lead scanning, search and profile development for target topics,  inclusion criteria, tables of resources that ERCI librarians search, PubMed filters etc. If you are involved in horizon scanning or if your organisation is interested in developing HS processes, this is a document to consult.