Free Online Resources and Journals

Free Online Resources and Journals(links may not be current)

Textbooks   Anaesthesia Pathology Atlas     Hypertext of Radiology      Statistics at square one         Orthopaedics  Genetics home reference (NLM)
South Devon Handbook on cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs  Gibbs’ Learning by doing  AIDS  Merck Manual of Geriatrics
Merck Manual of diagnosis and therapy   Merck Manual Home edition
Merck Manual of health & aging  Microsurgery
DoH manuals   NMC core publications   Online atlas of surgery  Patient’s Charter for England (1991, rev 1995) Pediatric surgery  Virtual Naval Hospital (US Navy)  Visible Human Experience  Orthopaedics  Yale Heart Book
Atlas of the body (AMA)  Gray’s anatomy (1918)  Human anatomy online  Virtual Body  Virtual autopsy
Whole brain atlas (Harvard)  Emedicine. Specialties at bottom of page  Hand surgery   Hand surgery
Plastic Surgery (in Spanish)  Interpreting Diagnostic tests
Best Evidence Topics (Manchester Royal Infirmary)

Lists of Links
Emergency medicine
Free textbooks
Australian Government site
Martindale’s virtual medical center
Links to atlases, dictionaries and textbooks
Exeter medical library’s list of links
Medical students’ handbook: alcohol & health


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