Equity Oriented Toolkit ~ Knowledge Translation and Implementation Tools

Equity Oriented Toolkit ~ Knowledge Translation and Implementation Tools

WHO Collaborating Center for Health Technology Assessment ~ University of Ottawa

Website: http://www.iph.uottawa.ca/whohta/projects/eo_toolkit/index.htm

The Equity-Oriented Tool Kit for Health Technology Assessment – A needs-based health technology assessment model is used to provide methods to match the identified health needs of a population, to the most appropriate interventions. The existing tool kit focused on averages, but this ignored distributional issues and equity gradients.

There are four sections to this tool kit: (1) Burden of Illness (2) Community Effectiveness (3) Economic Evaluation and (4) Knowledge Translation & Implementation for Health Technology Assessment.

Each section discusses the conceptual background to its topic and then presents a comparative assessment of tools, each of which is summarized in one to two pages

– Burden of Illness: http://www.iph.uottawa.ca/whohta/projects/eo_toolkit/chp1/index.htm

– Community Effectiveness: http://www.iph.uottawa.ca/whohta/projects/eo_toolkit/chp2/index.htm

– Economic Evaluation: http://www.iph.uottawa.ca/whohta/projects/eo_toolkit/chp3/index.htm

– Knowledge Translation & Implementation http://www.iph.uottawa.ca/whohta/projects/eo_toolkit/chp4/index.htm


Factors Influencing Technology Policies, Strategies, and Management 
Translating Technology Assessment into Policy – Values and Judgements

Measuring Costs

Measuring Consequences

But Which Consequences Should We Inlcude?

Translating Technology Assessment Into Policy

But is Evidence All There Is?

Example of Use


The Need for Health Technology Policies, Strategies and Management Function at the National Level 
The Framework for health Technology Policy, Strategies, and Management

Defining target groups

Appropriate Financing and Use of Health Technology

Developing Appropriate Rules and Regulations

Optimal Technology Planning and Decentralization

Examples of the Problems Challenging Technology Management At The System Policy Level

Technology Management at teh Facility and Practice Levels 
The Empowerment of Stakeholders for Social Accountability of Technology Assessment and Dispersion 


Harvard Policay Maker

Results Based Management (CIDA)

Sentinel Community Survey – Evidence Based Plannning (CIET)

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The Primary Health Care Management Advancement Program (PHCMAP)

Government Committee on Choices in Health Care, The Netherlands, The Dunning Commision


Download Comparison of Tools



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