Using limits in Pubmed

Publication Types and Language

You can easily add this term to your search using Preview/Index. Click on Preview/Index. Select Publication Type. Click Index (to get a list or publication types). Scroll down the list and select “clinical trial, phase ii”. Click on “AND” to put it in the search box. You use the same technique to get the languages.

Another way: If you go to Preview/Index, in the drop down box select publication type, then type “a” (no quotes) in the search box and select index. You get a list of all the pub types and you can select the one you want. You can do it with language too.

Still another way: After doing your subject (or other) search, use the Preview/Index feature to search on the desired limit (language=Hungarian or publication type=clinical trial, phase ii or whatever). Then, in History, combine the limit search with the subject search.

Still more ways of approach: To find articles in Hungarian just type in “hungarian[LA]”. This will find all articles tagged with Hungarian in the [LA] field. You can also apply it to a search statement using AND, OR, NOT. The seven languages in the language dropdown list are just the most common languages in the database. Similarly, the free full text subset is not listed in the Subset list. You can access this subset by typing Free full text[SB].


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