Finding n=1 trials in PubMed

Some of these n=1 trials can be identified using:

(1) N-of-one OR n-of-1

or, to increase specificity,

(2) N-of-one[ti] OR n-of-1[ti]

Many of these trials are indexed under ‘randomized controlled trial(s)’ as MeSH term or Publication type.

From Cochrane: “Search strategy for identification of studies Relevant articles will be identified by searching Pubmed, EMBASE, PsycINFO, CINAHL, Sociofile, and the Cochrane Library. The following base strategy, encoded in Pubmed format and modified according the the database’s constraints, will be used:

“N-of-1″[tw] OR (“single” AND “subject” AND “design”) OR (“single” AND “patient” AND “trial”) OR “IMET” OR ((“individualised” OR “individualized”) AND “medication” AND “effectiveness” AND “test”) OR “N-of-1″[tw] AND (“randomised”[tw] OR “randomized”[tw]) OR “single patient”[tw] OR “individual trial”[tw] OR “individual patient”[tw] OR “individual subject”[tw] A restriction to human studies will be made: NOT (animal[mh] NOT human[mh])


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