Importing Pubmed results into Endnote

Importing PubMed search records into EndNote

Saving Your Search

1. Access PubMed at and run your search. 
2. Click the check boxes next to the citations you want to save. OR if you want to download all results from your current search, proceed directly to Step 3 without “checking” anything. NOTE: If you have been using the Clipboard feature, the procedure remains the same; just initiate this process from the Clipboard itself.                                   
3. Select Medline from the Display drop down menu.                                                               
4. Select File from the Send To drop down menu.  a. If your Pop-up Blocker is preventing you from downloading the file: click on the Pop-up blocker (usually pops up just below the web browser’s tool bar) tell it to Download File b. Use the Windows “File Download” dialog to save the text file to your DeskTop.                                                                                          
6. Name your file and click the Save button.

Importing Your Search

1. Open Endnote and choose the Library into which you want to import the citations.       
2. Choose Import from the File drop down menu.                                                                     
3. Click on Choose File at the Import Data File: box and find the file you just saved from PubMed.                                                                                            
4. Select the PubMed_(NLM) filter at the Import Option: box. If you do not see this filter then click on Other Filters to see the complete list.                                                                   
5. Click on Import.


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