Contagion: Historical Views of Disease and Epidemics

From the Scout Report:

 Contagion: Historical Views of Disease and Epidemics [pdf]

With this rather remarkable collection, the dedicated staff members at Harvard University Library’s Open Collections Program have brought together Philadelphia’s yellow fever epidemic of 1793, London’s Great Plague of 1665, and six other notable epidemics from world history. The collection provides general background information on diseases and epidemics worldwide, and as previously suggested, is organized around significant “episodes” of such diseases. Visitors to the collection will find historical pamphlets, serials, books, and manuscripts totaling over 500,000 pages. The “General Materials” area is worth a look as it provides access to brief overviews of important concepts such as germ theory, public health, vaccination, medical geography, and humoral theory. Overall, it’s a tremendous set of offerings, and visitors with a penchant for the history of medicine, public health, or diseases will find that this site is well worth many visits. Also, visitors can share resources on the site via Google Bookmarks and Facebook. [KMG]


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