Global Evidence Mapping (GEM) Initiative

The GEM Initiative  is a non-profit, collaborative academic program of the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. With funding support from the Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative, GEM is developing and maintaining up-to-date maps of research evidence in the broad clinical areas of traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

Evidence mapping aims to explore the research landscape within broad clinical areas, to delineate what research exists and where further research is required. Such maps cover a wide range of clinical areas and represent the many important questions about treatments, diagnostic tests, prognosis and cost-effectiveness. Using systematic review methodology, these maps provide comprehensive inventories of all primary and ongoing studies as well as systematic reviews.

With these issues in mind, the Global Evidence Mapping (GEM) Initiative is building a network of experts from academic institutions, health services and organizations such as the Cochrane Collaboration to develop ways of characterising and contextualising research.

Evidence maps of broad clinical areas can convey what research exists; its strengths, weaknesses and gaps; and its relevance to different users in a range of contexts and settings. Evidence maps will improve the applicability of health care research for clinicians, consumers, guideline developers, educators and research agencies everywhere.


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