Search tricks for patient experiences

Patient Satisfaction[MeSH]

Keywords: Expectation*[titl] OR satisfaction*[titl] OR preference*[titl] OR agenda*[titl] OR perception[titl] OR decision*[titl] OR choice* [titl]  Additional terms: Physician-Patient Relations[MeSH] Nurse-Patient Relations[MeSH] Patient Participation[MeSH] Patient Acceptance of Health Care[MeSH] Patient Compliance[MeSH] Decision Making[MeSH] Patient Narratives

Other headings to consider (depending on what the requestor is looking for): Patients (Explode; consider psychosocial factors subheading) (Also “Psychosocial factors” subheading attached to relevant subjects, i.e. Cancer Patients; Diabetic Patients, etc. In CINAHL don’t explode patients when looking at a specific type of Patient. Patient Education – do not use education as subheading per scope note for Patients. Patient Attitudes (also consider some of the “Attitude to” subjects and Explode Family Attitudes, if family-centered care. Explode: Patient-Professional Relations Patient Satisfaction Patient Compliance (explode to include Medication Compliance) Inpatients (check tag/minor heading) Explode Qualitative Studies (Minor heading) when looking for subjective data. Quality of Care Research and Outcomes Research could be helpful when combined with Inpatients

From: Medlib-l


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