Pipeline Drug Resources

PHRMA  http://newmeds.phrma.org/  (free)

Centerwatch Drugs in Clinical Trials Database (fee based)http://www.centerwatch.com/professional/cwpipeline/                                                              New Medical Therapies on this site is free to access

Pharmaprojects (fee based) http://www.pjbpubs.com/pharmaprojects/index.htm  available via DIALOG

NDA Pipeline (fee based) http://www.ndapipeline.com/

ADIS (fee based) http://www.adis.com/page.asp?objectID=25 Available via DIALOG

IMS R&D Focus (fee based) Available via OVID and DIALOG

Drug Data Report (fee based) http://library.dialog.com/bluesheets/html/bl0452.html

Drugs of the Future (fee based) http://library.dialog.com/bluesheets/html/bl0453.html

Daily Essentials (fee based) http://library.dialog.com/bluesheets/html/bl0458.html

Drugs @ FDA (free)  http://www.fda.gov/cder/drugsatfda/datafiles/default.htm

PharmaLIVE (free)  http://www.pharmalive.com/content/databases/ekb.cfm


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