Analysing and Reporting on Health in the European Commission

Health reporting is ” … a system of different products and measures aiming at creating knowledge and awareness of important Public Health problems and their determinants (in different population groups) among policy makers and others involved in organisations that can influence the health of a population.” (Måns Rosén, 1998).

The European Commission is launching public health reporting projects under the Health Information strand of the Community Action for Public Health (2003-2008) and this activity will be continued intensively under the new Public Health Programme 2007-2013. The reports deal with topical public health issues that provide the basis for further policy developments. The aim of launching the reports is to bring together top European scientists and officials dealing with public health and statistics from all EU countries to contribute together to the creation of the European Health Information and Knowledge system. Reports will be published both electronically – the European Public Health Report Series – and in a high-quality printed format.

In recent years the provision of health information to different users throughout the European Union has changed rapidly. A great deal of effort has been put into the compilation of data, the development of indicators and new technologies for the analysis and presentation of health data and the evaluation of the effectiveness of health reporting. However, health reporting is a public health issue that is discussed widely amongst health professionals as authors of local, regional and national health reports. The questions raised deal with the impact of both health reports and whole health reporting systems.

Visit the EU Public Health website here.


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