Blue Health Intelligence

Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) brings together the claims experience of 79 million Blue Cross and Blue Shield members nationwide with all personal details removed.  That makes BHI:

  • The broadest, deepest pool of claims information ever created.  And growing;
  • More than twice the size of the next largest database with a proportionate advantage in accuracy;
  • The industry’s most reliable resource for planning and decision-making;
  • The foundation of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies’ commitment to evidence-based care.

BHI will help employers give their employees greater confidence in the value of their benefits.  And it will create new opportunities for physicians, doctors, researchers and health policy makers – working together with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies – to improve the quality and consistency of care.

Access to the data is currently confined to Blues plans. Consumers will not have direct access, but will benefit through data included in published reports and studies. Research comparing drugs will be published.

To learn more about this project, read the press release and Q&A’s at the website.


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