Evidence Matters

Evidence Matters (EM) is a user-friendly clinical knowledge management system to help support the use of research in decision-making. EM answers questions on the effectiveness, safety, and costs of therapy options for a particular patient, in an evidence-based manner. Designed by clinicians, EM’s users include clinicians, decision-makers, managers, medical librarians, and those who create guidelines, careplans, and formularies.
EM creates patient-customized answers via summarized, instant meta-analyses (more accurately a “meta-graph”) of all current research and best practices from thousands of peer-reviewed journals. The system self-updates several times per week, based on new research. Results may be customized for many factors, such as patient age, sex, and other demographics, as well as disease stage or medication intolerance. It is fast and easy to use, saving users many hours per search. Information is summarized, so users do less reading, with the option to drill-down to research details. Harvard and McGill-associated teaching hospital libraries are early test centres. There is a stand-alone version accessible via an Internet browser, with no installation required and no security concerns. Integration into electronic medical records is possible as a custom project. Multilingual versions available (also self-update daily).

Proquest  is the exclusive global distributor of Evidence Matters to academic and hospital markets. 


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