BMJ Clinical Evidence website

The new and improved BMJ Clinical Evidence website, launched late November, contains these new features: 

1. The home page has been redesigned to provide more news, drug alerts, and hopefully a more aesthetically pleasing, accessible and intuitive site.
2. The search will now offer the possibility to search across the BMJ and specialist journals and the Cochrane Library if searching CE doesn’t come up with more than 5 references.
3. For each topic (renamed reviews) there are the following:

  •  a one page summary – key points – that gives a concise, bulleted guide to practising in an evidence based way for that condition.This aims to encourage clinicians to dip in, perhaps just prior to seeing a patient to get a thumb nail sketch.
  • a link to new studies  – updates – that provides the new and important studies published in that topic since the last systematic review / search, filtered through the McMaster Plus / BMJ Updates process that appraises studies and systematic reviews across over 120 journals for validity, and then uses a pool of 3000 practising clincians to rate them for importance and relevance.
  • a link to published guidelines from the US national guidelines clearing house and major UK bodies such as NICE and SIGN.

BMJ Clinical Evidence is now more accessible and more useful than ever. Registration is free until Jan 2007.


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