18th ed The Merck Manual – free online

The Merck Manuals Department and The Merck Publishing Group are pleased to announce the launch of the online version of the completely new edition of The Merck Manual. All content has been updated, and new material has been added on many topics, including Biological Warfare, Critical Care Medicine, and Care of the Surgical Patient. The online version also contains hundreds of new pieces of multimedia. In addition, hot links to specific drug monographs in Mosby’s Drug Consult appear whenever a drug is mentioned. To provide the most current information, all topics will now be updated routinely online prior to publication of the next print edition. The completely revamped interface makes it much easier to find favourite topics, with a fully expandable table of contents as well as internal navigation on all topic pages. Using The Merck Manual has never been easier, and it is still free online, no subscription required. Take a look today at http://www.merck.com/mmpe/index.html We encourage you to add links, desktop icons, etc. to this new professional edition to your websites.

Diane C. Bobrin
Sr. Project Manager
Merck & Co., Inc.


One response to “18th ed The Merck Manual – free online

  1. I have found the page list of medicines but I can’t find the links that tells me what they are used for. I have prescriptions for Cozaar, Crestor, Micardis, Toprol and Zocor. Thank you

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