New-Model Scholarship – Scout Report

New-Model Scholarship: How Will it Survive? [pdf]

This important 55-page report originated out of meeting held in 2002 by the Council on Library and Information Resources that brought together scholars, librarians, archivists, publishers, and other concerned parties to discuss the preservation of digital scholarly resources. Authored by Abby Smith (March 2003), this timely work is informed by these discussions, and offers some initial appraisals of the challenges that libraries face as they attempt to ensure long-term access to the “new-model scholarship” that is predicated around access to various digital archives and projects. The paper primarily explores these new types of emerging scholarship, including those that are open-ended, experimental, software-intensive, and multimedia in nature. Continuing on how libraries might best take on the role of managing these scholarly resources, the work looks at several potential modes of operation, such as the enterprise and community-based models. Thorough in its scope, this paper will be of great interest to those working on digital archive projects, and colleagues working in ancillary fields and organizations.


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